The Use and Why We Need to Pay Taxes

It is illegal and unlawful not to pay taxes, every citizen of a country is expected to pay a share of tax. The purpose of complying with the rules of taxation actually has a noble endpoint. Although sometimes it make seem as though taxes are a way for the government to squeeze the hard-earned money from the general public. It still remains true that taxes assist a nation in creating a stronger society and providing reliable services to the people.

The taxes we pay and are collected by the government serve specific purposes but basically are used to finance and fund many institutions and agencies. Companies, people with lots of businesses and people who have high monthly or yearly salaries are commonly demanded to pay taxes. They are the ones who are obligated and intentionally pay their taxes. Nevertheless, taxes are supposed to be paid by all members of the society. So even the poorest member of the nation happens to contribute in the taxation system. There are basic products and commodities which are laden with tax percentages. In fact, some issues pertaining to the high price increase of the commodity, products and services are attributed to the implementation of VAT or Value Added Tax. This is the unintentional paying of taxes.

Nobody in the society is exempted from paying taxes. Through the government-collected taxes, institutions are provided with funds in order to work and operate for the welfare of the nation’s citizens themselves. A few of these institutions supported by the taxes we pay are public schools, public hospitals, orphanages and public law offices.

There are people working for the government offices, and agencies, their salaries are coming from the collection of taxes. Among these government employees who are also working for the benefits and services of the nation are public teachers, policemen, public doctors, public nurses, public hospital staff, firemen and many other public services.

Taxes are important to be paid so that reliable public buildings, roads, hospitals, schools and shelter for homeless people are built and constructed. Taxes also finance and allot required funding for any repair and reconstruction of these public infrastructure. A part of the collected taxes is allocated for the basic necessities of the children in the orphanages. The nation’s security is also provided for by the taxes we pay. Part of the tax allocation goes to the fire and police departments. The country’s defense is also made possible by taxes which fund the arms, supplies and machineries of the army, air-force and navy.

The cleanliness and maintenance of the public facilities are also financed by the taxes: from the cleaning of roads to the proper water treatment to the construction of streetlights to the removal of wastes and trash.

Public hospitals get their medical tools, equipment and supplies through the taxes as well. Free health supplies and services are made possible through the taxes paid by a country’s citizens such as immunization shots and medical consultations in health centers. When calamities suddenly happen, relief goods are distributed to the affected people through tax funding.

There are in fact a lot of other beneficial projects and activities which are made possible by taxation including sectors of agriculture, energy and commerce so it is important that we all pay our tax dues.